Digital Payment Solutions

Suite of Superior Payment Options

With Silvervine Payment Solutions, you get the most flexible, customizable, robust payment processing solutions backed by a company dedicated exclusively to the insurance industry. We offer the lowest merchant rates, flexible fee and collection structures & integrated cash reconciliation. Best of all, we'll beat any competitor's pricing. Whether you already have an established online payment capability, or you are starting from scratch, we can help you set up convenient and secure digital payment technology.

Get acquainted with Silvervine's one-stop payment solutions. Learn more about our products and key advantages below, or click here to view our suite of innovative service options.

Save Money

Enjoy Faster Funding

Limit Risks

Online Payments

Offering your insureds online payment options increases retention and customer satisfaction. Our online payment gateways are 100% PCI DSS compliant and the credit card information stays in our secure system, and is never transmitted to your servers, reducing compliance concerns.

  • Streamline billing and collections
  • Increase customer retention by offering accessible payment options
  • Reduce the cost of policy servicing
  • Generate revenue by passing outbound digital payment costs to insureds

IVR Payments

Want to accept payments over the phone? Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system integrates seamlessly with our payment processing service. We can integrate with your current phone system or operate stand-alone. This is the ideal solution for customers who prefer to make payments over the phone.

  • Streamline call center operations
  • Give customers another 24/7 payment option
  • Integrate into your current phone system or a toll-free number
  • Customize greeting and prompts
  • Offer multilingual options

Claims Payments

Make your claims process faster and more customer-centric. With a variety of features at the click of a button, you can pay all claims settlements in a matter of minutes. 

  • Eliminate paper checks 
  • Allow claimant to choose payment preference
  • Enhance fraud protection
  • Industry's best pricing


Make self-service payments easier for policyholders with payNow. A swift digital payment portal for policyholders - without the extra steps of an account or password. payNow allows insurers to make quick payments using only their policy number and zip code. 

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • No user account of password creation required
  • Accepts a variety of payments including card and ACH
  • Optional bank account verification feature to minimize NSF fees
  • Fully brandable
  • Secure and PCI compliant
  • Deployment in as little as 7 days

Silvervine Messenger

Instantly send messages to policyholders with Silvervine Messenger. Whether it’s a text, e-mail or interactive voice response ((IVR) message, Messenger makes it convenient and easy with preprogrammed, customized messages that are sent when
specific triggers met.

  • Easy-to-use platform and useful dashboard
  • Fully configurable/customizable
  • Can be integrated into Evergreen or any policy admin system
  • Bill reminders with prompt to direct insureds to payment portals
  • Affordable, proactive communication tool
  • Learn more here

Recurring Payment Processing

In the insurance industry, the ability to offer recurring payments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis is vital. Recurring payment programs increase policy renewal rates and customer satisfaction, while reducing late payments, insufficient funds returns, and non-pay cancellations.

Silvervine makes the process easy for insureds to enroll and manage their payments online.

Save Money

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much profit you lose to credit card processing fees? You might be surprised. On a $100 million book, $25 million of premium is typically paid by credit card. If you pay a 2% transaction fee on that $25 million, you're losing $500,000.

  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH, eChecks and recurring payments - all with one system
  • Explore options to greatly reduce or eliminate processing fees
  • Allow clients to make payments via their smartphones, in person and over the phone (IVR)
  • Facilitate recurring payments with e-signature and live reporting
  • Minimize recurring charge interruptions with daily credit card data account updates
  • Enjoy one of the lowest transactions fees in the business - even for American Express
  • Easily integrate our payment platform with your website and mobile apps

Enjoy Faster Funding

Up to 40% of your premium volume may come from recurring monthly ACH, American Express and credit card payments. If it takes two or three days to receive your funds, it can be hard to match payments with policies. Don't let your payment processor hold your money. With faster funding, you can improve cash flow and AR efficiency.

  • Enjoy the fastest funding in the business - typically next-day
  • Eliminate American Express funding delays
  • Receive real-time payment reports through our secure gateway
  • Easily integrates into any policy admin system with our robust API

Limit Risks

Eliminate security hassles and costs by using our PCI DSS compliant technology. We take care of security, so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Minimize the risk of data breach with industry-leading security practices such as data tokenization and storage in our secure customer vault
  • Transact business quickly with 99.99% reliability
  • No equipment, no setup fees and no long-term contracts
  • Proactively resolve disputes and chargebacks